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Dry Cleaning


We provide a professional dry cleaning service for almost any item.


  • Clothes retextured, reproofing, prespotting

  • Business suits and dinner suits

  • Evening wear and beaded items

  • Ball Gowns and Cocktail Dresses

  • Wedding Dresses

  • Curtains

  • Loose Cushion Covers

  • Ski wear

Other Cleaning

We provide a professional cleaning service for other items, including:


  • Leather and Suede

  • Silk

  • Linen

  • Duvets, Quilts and Bed Throws

  • Bed Sheets and Duvet Covers

Other Laundry

We provide the following additional laundry services:


  • Shirts Laundered and Ironed

  • Ironing and Pressing Service

  • Starching

  • Duvet Cover, Sheets and Pillow Cases

Alterations and Repairs

We have our own professional tailor who is happy to help and advise on any tailoring, alteration or repair task.  Work can be carried out on new or worn clothes.


  • New zips for skirts trousers and jackets

  • Shortenings for trousers, skirts, etc)

  • Strap and waist alterations

  • Hemming

  • Cuffs altered for coats and jackets

  • Reweaves (invisible repair)

  • Patch and darning to worn trousers

  • Full and half pockets

  • Seam stitching

  • Shoe repairs

  • Curtain Alterations

  • Relines(full or part) in satin, silk or polyester

  • buttons re-stitched

  • shirts altered

  • leather repairs

  • knitwear repairs

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